Orchestration #7 – Tuba A

Tuba was a common addition to the jazz orchestra for Gil Evans. Most interestingly, he often used it as a solo instrument or as a prominent counterpoint to the melody. From Kennan & Grantham's Technique of Orchestration: For such a large instrument the tuba is perhaps more agile than might be expected. Though there are … Continue reading Orchestration #7 – Tuba A


Orchestration #6 – Oboe B

Use of Oboe in ensemble passages When the Oboe is used in ensemble passages, consideration of its positioning is required so that the Oboe does not dominate the timbre. However, when an 'edge' is needed in the phrase, the Oboe placed as the lead instrument or toward the upper range in the voicing can be … Continue reading Orchestration #6 – Oboe B

Orchestration #5 – Tutti Voicings

Comparing Gil's tutti voicings with other composers So a true analysis of the vertical sonority can take place the examples in this post are taken mostly from tutti moments containing little or no counterpoint. Audio examples below. Springsville - bar 130 (end of shout chorus) This climactic voicing in Springsville is very bright and dramatic. … Continue reading Orchestration #5 – Tutti Voicings