Orchestration #7 – Gone, Gone, Gone

Gil's arrangement of Gone, Gone, Gone from the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess is a beautiful short mood piece that evokes the sadness and vocal quality of the original. This post will just look at a couple of examples of the orchestration in the ensemble parts of the piece. General observations Form and Rhythm Gil … Continue reading Orchestration #7 – Gone, Gone, Gone


Orchestration #7 – Tuba A

Tuba was a common addition to the jazz orchestra for Gil Evans. Most interestingly, he often used it as a solo instrument or as a prominent counterpoint to the melody. From Kennan & Grantham's Technique of Orchestration: For such a large instrument the tuba is perhaps more agile than might be expected. Though there are … Continue reading Orchestration #7 – Tuba A

Orchestration #5 – Tutti Voicings

Comparing Gil's tutti voicings with other composers So a true analysis of the vertical sonority can take place the examples in this post are taken mostly from tutti moments containing little or no counterpoint. Audio examples below. Springsville - bar 130 (end of shout chorus) This climactic voicing in Springsville is very bright and dramatic. … Continue reading Orchestration #5 – Tutti Voicings