Orchestration #7 – Tuba B

This post continues on from the last post about Gil's use of the Tuba. Tuba Doublings Gil often doubles the tuba with other bass instruments. Typically this is to add weight and strength to the bass line and to underpin the ensemble. Doubling with Contrabass Bess, You Is My Woman Now - Bars 14 & … Continue reading Orchestration #7 – Tuba B


Counterpoint #4 – Bass lines

Harmonically 'independent' bass lines in Gil Evans' music   Bass lines in Gil's music have been discussed a lot on this blog already (Counterpoint #1,#2 & #3). In this post I'll show some examples of counterpoint in the bass which is slightly detached harmonically from the rest of the ensemble. This could be with the … Continue reading Counterpoint #4 – Bass lines