Orchestration #12 – Density & Doublings D

This post is a continuation of the last few where I have discussed Gil's use of doubling and density throughout various ensemble textures. This post will focus on loud, bright passages. The audio examples can be found at the bottom of the post. Sorta Kinda - ensemble interjections This arrangement features massive contrasts in textures. … Continue reading Orchestration #12 – Density & Doublings D

Counterpoint #6 – More Bass Lines

I recommend reading the first couple of posts about counterpoint before this one. They can be found here and here. I’ve borrowed this paragraph from Openmusictheory because I couldn’t have said it better myself: Counterpoint is the mediation of two or more musical lines into a meaningful and pleasing whole. In first-species counterpoint, we not … Continue reading Counterpoint #6 – More Bass Lines