Orchestration #9 – Trios B

This post is a continuation from the last one which is focusing on instrumental combinations of three instruments. The Duke - backings in the solo section Behind Miles improvisation is a nice combination of alto sax, bass clarinet and trombone. In this case there are two trombones in octaves. The unison octaves are very silky … Continue reading Orchestration #9 – Trios B

Orchestration #9 – Trios A

It is quite common in ensemble jazz music to harmonize a melody or backing chords in 3-part harmony. In this post I have picked out some of these moments in Gil's music. I'll be discussing different instrumental combinations and how they have been orchestrated to sound interesting and stand out from any backgrounds. Trumpet (flugelhorn), … Continue reading Orchestration #9 – Trios A

Orchestration #8A – Moon Dreams

Continuing on with the Moon Dreams analysis, the next two posts will be looking at the orchestration of the opening of Moons Dreams. This post will focus on voicing, density and other general characteristics. General Observations Instrumentation: Reeds: Alto & baritone Sax Brass: French Horn, trumpet, trombone & tuba Rhythm Section: Bass & drums Note … Continue reading Orchestration #8A – Moon Dreams