Orchestration #1 – Density (Repost)

This is a repost. It was one of the first posts on this blog. I have reposted as I will write a new post building on to this idea soon. Doublings in ensemble passages One of the most well know things about Gil's music is his use of texture and timbre. I'll keep this post … Continue reading Orchestration #1 – Density (Repost)

Harmony #8C – Miles Ahead

This post is a continuation of the previous two about the harmony of Miles Ahead, they can be read here and here. Bar 25-29 End of the theme repeat In the first instance this phrase started with a Bbmajor9#11 recalling the influence of C mixolydian or F major. On the repeat he changes things by … Continue reading Harmony #8C – Miles Ahead

Counterpoint #6 – More Bass Lines

I recommend reading the first couple of posts about counterpoint before this one. They can be found here and here. I’ve borrowed this paragraph from Openmusictheory because I couldn’t have said it better myself: Counterpoint is the mediation of two or more musical lines into a meaningful and pleasing whole. In first-species counterpoint, we not … Continue reading Counterpoint #6 – More Bass Lines