Re-composition #6 – Maids of Cadiz – Melody

This post will focus on the differences in melodies between Delibes' original and Evans' arrangement. Gil has added quite a few different melodies to his arrangement. Introduction Gil significantly chances the introduction from the original. Delibes' piece sets a cracking pace and brightness which then drops in texture to the start of the A section. … Continue reading Re-composition #6 – Maids of Cadiz – Melody

Re-composition #6 – Maids of Cadiz – Form

I'm back. It's been a long time between posts. Things have been busy here with another Symposium Dectet concert. Check us out here. Over the next few posts I'll be comparing Evans' arrangement of Maids of Cadiz with the original by Delibes. This post will focus on general considerations and form. General considerations - The … Continue reading Re-composition #6 – Maids of Cadiz – Form

Orchestration #12 – Density & Doublings D

This post is a continuation of the last few where I have discussed Gil's use of doubling and density throughout various ensemble textures. This post will focus on loud, bright passages. The audio examples can be found at the bottom of the post. Sorta Kinda - ensemble interjections This arrangement features massive contrasts in textures. … Continue reading Orchestration #12 – Density & Doublings D