Orchestration #10 – Tutti Voicings D

This post is a continuation of the last few, but will focus on more muted tutti voicings. If you haven't yet read the other posts you can do so here and here. My Ship - 2nd A section Gil employs a full tutti behind Miles stating the melody in the 2nd A section of My … Continue reading Orchestration #10 – Tutti Voicings D

Orchestration #10 – Tutti Voicing C

This post will be a continuation of the last where I analyze a couple more loud and bright tutti voicings by Gil. Sort Kinda - Intro This arrangement from the Claude Thornhill era starts with a nice bright opening that concludes with a full tutti chord. The instrumentation is almost for a typical big band … Continue reading Orchestration #10 – Tutti Voicing C

Orchestration #8A – Moon Dreams

Continuing on with the Moon Dreams analysis, the next two posts will be looking at the orchestration of the opening of Moons Dreams. This post will focus on voicing, density and other general characteristics. General Observations Instrumentation: Reeds: Alto & baritone Sax Brass: French Horn, trumpet, trombone & tuba Rhythm Section: Bass & drums Note … Continue reading Orchestration #8A – Moon Dreams